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HCMC determined to fulfill 2019 economic targets

HCMC – HCMC’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 7.8% in January-September, while the full-year target was set at 8.3%-8.5%, according to the city government.


Vietnam Economy Lawmakers air conflicting views on overtime cap

HANOI – Lawmakers expressed conflicting views on a proposal by the Government involving the maximum number of overtime hours applicable to Vietnamese workers, as part of the draft revised Labor Code, during the ongoing sitting of the National Assembly (NA) in Hanoi today, October 22.


Data / Technology

While building a head quarters building for an IT company is relatively easy, we’ve also got our hands at constructing more challenging types of IT…



Educational institutions can be much more creative, than your regular school or a college campus! Entrust us with building it and it will be mesmerizing!…


Government / Military

The US military and States governments used our expertise and manpower to build numerous military-grade, cost-efficient and...



We can build any healthcare type of building. From a small private medical clinic to a full-fetched, new county hospital! Doing a construction in an…


Manufacturing / Industrial

Building a manufacturing facility or a factory house can be much more challenging, than building a cottage house. Trust us in such a complex task!…


Warehouse / Logistics

While building a warehouse for an e-store is no easy feat itself, think about building it for Amazon or Google! We’ve already done that, so…

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